Parental Notes

Attendance and Absences

Parents are required to inform the program of their child’s attendance on a daily basis. This communication is essential to ensure that your child is safe and accounted for. If your child is absent, we require that you contact us via phone, text, or email the day before to ensure accountability of your child. We have a mailbox available in the office, if needed. If you need to contact us after-hours please email us at

It is not the responsibility of the school administration to inform us of your child’s absence. This is extremely important for children from Captain John Palliser School. *We cannot leave the school until all children are accounted for*

Off-Site Play Dates

Any arrangements for your child to have an off-site play date with someone else must be made the day before. We require direct communication regarding this arrangement from both parties to ensure the location of your child. We will not allow phone calls the day of the play date or last-minute arrangements. Children may use the program’s cell phones to contact their parents.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

When dropping off your child for care, please park in the cul-de-sac and accompany your child to the gymnasium door. There is a doorbell to the left side of the door that you can ring to have an Educator greet you and your child and sign them in. Please note that the school drop off begins at 8:30 a.m., and there is no permitted parking in the cul-de-sac (street parking only).

When picking up your child from care, please ring the doorbell. You will be greeted by a Educator and they will notify an Educator that you are here and will get them ready to depart the program.

Alternative Pick Ups

Through our registration package, we provide the opportunity to list additional, authorized individuals designated to pick up your child. We require this information for anyone that may pick up your child, for example a grandparent or family friend. When this individual arrives at our program to pick up your child, an Educator will confirm that they are an authorized individual by checking that the information on their I.D. matches the information provided by the parent. This includes their first and last name, as well as their address. The information provided in the registration package must be the same as the information on the individual’s I.D., to verify pick up and allow your child to be released into their care.

Parental Involvement

Parents and/or guardians are always welcome to volunteer with the program and participate at any time, as long as that individual has a valid police check with vulnerable sector search. A copy is to be provided to Millennium Kidz N Kare prior to volunteering. We have included a parent interest form in the registration package to get to know you and your family better. If you are interested in sharing about your interests or career, please see an Educator and we can schedule a time for you in the coming months! We also welcome parents and grandparents to come join us on our monthly family night evening events that run from 4:30PM – 5:30PM once per month.

Parental Or Guardian Concerns

In the event that a parent and/or guardian have any questions or concerns about the program, they may contact the program director and/or Educators to address them. If necessary, the parent and/or guardian can schedule an appointment with the director(s) or Educator to meet and address any concerns. The program director(s) will discuss these issues in private with the Educator to ensure only the necessary information is known. In any situation that requires immediate attention, the program director(s) will address any decisions or situations with the parents and/or guardians. We strive to address and identify concerns and find solutions together.

Off-Site Activities

We conduct several off-site field trips throughout the school year. These events are communicated to parents and/or guardians through a permission slip. Details are also available through the calendar or on our website. In addition, there is a list of any PD Days that we are open or closed for in the parent handbook. Our main concern during any off-site activity is the safety of the children in our care. We adhere to this mandate through every possible precaution. Directors will pre-screen any new off-site location and check for any transportation, supervision, or safety concerns. Educators will be made aware of the location’s layout to ensure that effective supervision will be provided while at the location. Additionally, educators will have cell phones and radios for ongoing communication to ensure safety and the communication of relevant information. Prior to departure, all educators will have a quick meeting with the children to review safety and location expectations. To ensure each child’s safety, we hire reputable bus companies for transportation and take our portable records (in the event of an emergency evacuation during an off-site activity). A license holder or other care provider is responsible for the portable records (Section 22) and first aid kits, and ensures that children with medications have extras with them (such as Epi-pens).

The appropriate information, along with permission forms, will be sent out at the beginning of each month. All important information is included such as the location, times, transportation, cost, and any required equipment needed. In order to take a child to an activity off of the program’s premises, the child’s parents and/or guardians must be advised of the activity, including the transportation and supervision arrangements with respect to the activity. The child’s parents and/or guardians must consent in writing in order for the child to participate in the activity. These permission slips are recorded and stored in our field trip envelope tracking sheet. This information of consent is shared with the educators before leaving on our off-site activity.

Each family is responsible for the costs associated with the activity. If a child is absent for an off-site activity, the fees associated with the field trip will not be refunded. If there are any field trip activities or events that parents and/or guardians do not wish their child to be involved in, the parents and/or guardians is responsible for finding alternative care for the day. We cannot – and will not – leave children in the school unattended and all educators are required to adhere to mandated child ratios during field trips.

Regular Occurring Off-site Activities:

We often have several off-site or on-site activities that reoccur multiple times over the course of the school year. We have an occurring off-site activity form that parents and/or guardians can fill out at registration that provides consent for the whole year. If at any time parents and/or guardians no longer consent for these activities, they must inform the Director and we will provide a new form to fill out. Some examples of our frequent activities are biking around the community, walking to Nose Hill, activities in Whispering Woods, Brentwood heights soccer pitch and baseball diamond, using the community skating rink or toboggan hills, art projects at Barrett Park, and water activities in the green belt.

In order to fully enjoy the planned off-site excursion, Millennium Kidz N Kare Directors or Educators may visit the intended site prior to arrival with the children. This ensures that the excursion will go smoothly and will identify any issues that may arise during the activity. We ensure that we have small group sizes and a lower child to educator ratio on our off-site activities to promote safety and more flexibility at these activities. In addition, educators will ensure that:

  • One educator is designated as a floater so that they can assist any of the groups needs as they arise;
  • Educators are trained to be aware of effective supervision strategies and aware of other groups that may also be using the same off-site facility or location;
  • Children are prepared with the proper items that they may need for the day (lunch, water bottles, proper clothing items);
  • Extra items for emergencies are available if needed;
  • Educators will carry the attendance list with them;
  • Roll call will be taken prior to boarding the means of transportation and once boarded to ensure we have everyone. Roll call will be taken at the end of the excursion, as well as, when everyone is boarded back on the intended means of transportation;
  • Children’s attendance will be taken before and after any walking to or from activities and an educator will be present at the front and back of the line;
  • Educators are aware of the number of children in their own group and have a physical list of their group members. There will be a master copy of all groups and members written down on the sign in sheet;
  • Educators will do a quick roll call of their group when transitioning in areas of the off-site activity;
  • Educators are aware of the space and different boundaries at the location and are comfortable knowing the plan for the day;
  • Children may be asked to write an educator’s cell phone number on their arm in the chance that they get separated from their group and need assistance;
  • Educators upon arrival at any outdoor locations will do a quick safety survey check to ensure the location is safe for the children to play at;
  • Educators carry a backpack that contains the portable emergency files, as well as a first aid kit;
  • Educators carry cell phones and/or radios to maintain communication with other educators;
  • Educators will explain the designated space to the children for the activity and position themselves to be able to see the borders of the space;
  • Educators will be aware of any children in their group that have medication needs and will have that medication in their portable bags with the medical record form.


Seasonal Clothing Requirements

It is essential that you send your child(ren) with the appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. We suggest that you leave an extra pair of clothes in your child’s backpack in case of emergencies. We expect that your child is prepared for activities in any weather conditions and children must be sent to our programming with the following:

  • Winter jacket, snow pants, waterproof gloves/mittens, waterproof boots, and a toque for the winter months;
  • Waterproof jacket, rain boots, light gloves, and a toque for spring months;
  • Sunscreen, hats, bug spray and water bottles for summer months.

Toys from Home

We have lots of toys and activities for your children and ask that you do not send toys with your child to our program. They often get lost, broken, or mixed in with our many other toys. In addition, please do not send technology with your child. If it is absolutely necessary, please discuss it with our Educators and we can lock it in a secure place during the day to ensure it does not get lost or damaged. We are not responsible for any lost personal items.

Volunteer Program

All program graduates or academic students looking to fulfill volunteer hours are eligible to apply for our teen volunteer program. All applicants in this program must be in, or have completed, grade seven (7) in order to be eligible. All volunteer positions are not guaranteed and are dependent on the current number of volunteers. Priority will be given to returning volunteers. The program’s directors have the right to refuse any child’s application for this opportunity if there are concerns regarding the applicant’s abilities, skills, or past performance. For more information, please talk to an Educator to acquire our Volunteer Program Package.


According to our leasing contract, a license holder must ensure that no person smokes, vapes or uses E-cigarettes, tobacco, or cannabis on the program premises while the child care program is being provided. Neither the license holder, nor any other care provider, shall smoke at any time or place where childcare is being provided.