Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator

Now Hiring Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator

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Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
PD Days or Meetings 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Early Childhood Educator Level 3
Current Police Check With Vulnerable Sector
Child First Aid & CPR

Job description

Helping monitoring and engaging with the children in a safe and developmental way  is our number one goal. However here are some other jobs that may be asked of you while you work with us.

Programming-time must be spent developing and putting together a plan for activities. There is one planning meeting a month usually on a Friday morning from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM This is done on a month to month basis. The children’s input is the most important part of this process. We try to setup of routines, so that the children can have input for their activities but yet stays familiar and consistent.  September planning should be completed with added changes once the children have settled.

Staff will be in charge of leading the programing Monthly and creating the calendar for the other staff members.

Time outside work hours can be set aside. This must be put on your sign in sheets. 

Activity sheets must be completed and evaluated after each activity and for each day. If a staff member is away these sheets are used for carrying out the activity and so other staff can do the activity without problems. If there are any resources or set up diagrams please include them on the back of the activity sheet. Activities can be changed to accommodate interruptions in planning. 

Snacks are prepared every night by one of the staff members.  Children with allergies have food that is separate or labeled.  Menu is located on the fridge and on the main parent board.  This must be set up before children arrive.  Snacks should have a fruit or vegetables. The Canada food guide is located in the hallway. The children will have input as to their ideas for snacks. Cleaning supplies must be put on the snack cart. Volunteer helpers will assist in clean up and folding tables and sweeping as the children transition in the activities for the night.

Cleaning duties are carried out daily by staff and recorded on a cleaning tracking sheet.  Cleaning and wiping down the tables and chairs to cleaning toys. Cleaning supplies are located in the nurse’s room. The caretaker is responsible for refilling supplies.  Mops are cleaned after every use. Soiled clothes are to be put in a bucket located on the sink in the nurse’s room. We are not allowed access to the Caretakers room for daily supplies.

Staff meetings are held once a week, typically on Mondays. This is the connection time for the week.  Changes to activities or schedules should be done at that time. It will be the responsibility of the programming lead to set up a minimum of one programming meeting for the upcoming month. Attendance is mandatory. Minutes will be logged, and paid.

Staff preform safety checks for inside and outside are done daily.

Please email us a resume or contact to set up and interview.

We look forward to hearing from you.