Dr. Coffin

About Millenium Kids N Kare

Hello and Welcome to the Out of School Care Program at Dr. E.W. Coffin Elementary School. Millennium Kidz is a before and after school care program that recognizes children and their needs while incorporating the needs of parents.

Please visit any of our staff biographies to learn more about us, our philosophy of care and more about our program.

Program Philosophy

Our vision is to have a program with philosophies that are based on what we, as a parent, would want for my own children. We work closely with parents, the school, and Government agencies to ensure a well-balanced program. Personal values and building self-esteem will be a big role in the children’s development.

The growth of your child, while in our care is a high priority. A relaxed learning environment is provided with positive expectations, developmental and learning skills, while being both physical and mentally challenging. We will work also on their social skills by sharing and caring about each other. They also need to have input too their environment and their activities. Cultural diversity will be incorporated, with the children’s input, by going on different field trips to cultural sites, in-center activities and using community resources, to show the children what being part of the community is about. They will learn to use these skills in every day life.

Our Staff