We are re-launching in stage 2 and have gathered all the information from Alberta Health, Guidance from Alberta Government and child services and Calgary Board of Education.

Under the risk mitigation section we all must complete daily wellness screening checklist as well it limits our program capacity to 30 people including staff and volunteers on site.  As we are considered one cohort we do not have to worry about multiple cohort policies.

As we have a shared space we are required to clean before and after every shift and do a full gym sanitize.  We will have designated equipment for use that will be separate than the equipment that will be used by the school. Please look at our new drop off and pick up procedures in the parent handbooks.  We will be keeping all records and wellness screening checklists for a month. Unfortunately no non-essential visitors and volunteers are allowed on premises. Parents are recommended not entering the program unless setting up an appointment. Parents picking up children should not be allowed to enter the cohort room unless absolutely necessary. We will be using alcohol hand rub with at least 60% alcohol along with daily hand washing. We will have signs posted at the entrances of the program remind everyone not to enter if they have signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

Parents and children must not enter the child care space if they have Covid-19 symptoms. We will be checking children’s and staff temperatures before entering the program in the morning and before entering the afternoon. If temperature reads 38 degrees or higher the child or staff will not be permitted to enter the program. We also have the right to refuse entry if other signs are present with a temperature below 38 degrees. Parent or guardian must conduct the screening checklist daily and be submitted before 8:40 AM or the child will not be allowed to enter the program. If a child develops symptoms on location they will be isolated in a separate room immediately and a parent or guardian must pick up their child within the hour or social services will be contacted. If symptoms are present even if children or staff have pre-existing condition that would have similar symptoms we require the they get tested to confirm that covid-19 is not the source of their symptoms before re-entering the program. If 2 or more children are identified as having symptoms consistent with Covid-19 the program will follow outbreak notification procedures. Any connection or probable case of Covid-19 will be required to close for a minimum of 72 hours to allow contact tracing and to adhere to Alberta Health Services.

We will be trying to practice onsite safe practices. We will try to keep the children distanced at 2 meters whenever possible; we will practice proper hand washing and sanitizing. We will avoid physical contact whenever possible and have all staff and children wearing face masks at all times unless eating snack. For the time being we are asking the parents send snacks for the children. We are also suspending our off site field trips until further notice and will be having on-site fieldtrips provided by our own staff.

The gym and nurses room will be disinfected and cleaned before and after every shift we are open. The toys will be sanitized in the morning and after the program closes for the evening. We will be removing items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected and there will not be any cloth, soft toys, blankets or carpets out at this time. All sensory bins are closed at this time and we please ask that no items are brought from home into the program.

Distancing Measures

We will be re-enforcing keeping distance to parents and children as often as possible. We will make sure we have floor markers at all the congestion points, like lining up to get in or out of the program. We will stagger releasing the children to get their lunch as well as using the bathroom to ensure enough space. We have limited the number of bathroom sinks and urinals that will be used to maintain distancing. We have a one way traffic system for entering and exiting the gym. The children will be required to wear a mask at all times in the program, ensuring when 2 metres cannot be met for example when playing in small groups it will be as safe as possible. We will be providing a mask free zone for children to have a break from wearing their masks if required that is away and clear from everyone else. We will also ensure that during snack times we will have 2 metre spacing between the children. To limit people in our space at this time we will not be having any parents, or volunteers enter the program unless it is an emergency.


Our floater staff will be cleaning high touch surfaces like toilets, chairs, tables, handles, sanitizing station every hour. We are having only one entry point at the start of the day to keep separation as well as only having to clean the one room after every family enters. After the morning shift we will be disinfecting the whole gym space and be cleaning the toys that have been used in the morning. We will be sanitizing the gym every day before we set up and prepare for children. We will also be sanitizing the whole gym and cleaning the afternoon toys every evening after the children have left.

Screening for Symptoms

All staff and children must complete a wellness screening checklist before entering the program including a temperature reading that will be recorded in the morning and afternoon on their wellness screening checklist. Children will be welcomed into the program after completing the screening. We will be providing all the parents information about self monitoring and the importance of keeping their children home if seeing symptoms. Staff will call as soon as they are seeing symptoms to try and find a replacement for their shift. If a child develop symptoms well at work we have an area in the nurses room to isolate them from everyone else until there guardian arrives. If staff or children have covid symptoms we as that they contact local health authorities to determine if a Covid test are required. If required the child cannot re-enter the program until the test results are received or 10 days after showing symptoms. A log will be maintained with all staff and children with sign in and out times daily. We will not let any staff members work if they show up to work with Covid symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment

Children and staff are required to have a mask on at all times in the program unless eating, or in a designated mask break zone. Staff will be required to use gloves, face mask, and face shield while performing the wellness screening checklists. Anyone that will be handling food will be required to wear a face mask, gloves and face shield at all times. We are currently working on making or acquiring physical barriers that can be placed on the tables for snack time to maintain separation. If a child or staff do not have a mask or it gets dirty or damaged the program will provide a disposable mask for use. Proper PPE wearing, cleaning and discarding information will be on posters posted through the program and school.


The program directors are in charge of enforcing the proper precautions as well as holding staff, children, and families responsible to their actions. Staff and families are to ensure the information on their registration forms is accurate and current so that in case of an exposure we can contact everyone at risk of exposure. If parents or staff do not follow the new guidelines and procedures that have been laid out for the current Covid situation they will be terminated or ask to leave the program.