Program Fees

Program Fees

Fees are as follows:

  • $ 50.00        Drop in rate for any child on a regular school day
  • $ 250.00     Drop in card (5 days and one day free day) Drop in cards are only valid Monday to Thursday and will not be accepted on Fridays.
  • $ 500.00     Kindergarten Before and after school (Including half days and Pd days) (If in Michelle’s Care her fees are payable to her.)
  • $ 550.00      Before school and after school (Including half days and PD days.)
  • $ 500.00     Mornings ONLY with NO Friday care (This is not a full time spot)
  • $500.00      After school ONLY with NO Friday care (This is not a full time spot)
    • $ 75.00     PD day drop in rate. (Depending on what we are doing an additional charges may be due.)
    • $ 60.00     Half day drop in rate. (Depending on what we are doing an additional charges may be due.)
    • $ 40.00    This is a onetime gym equipment fee.  Payable at the beginning of every school year per family. It replaces a registration fee.  This enables the children to use the school’s equipment and replace or add equipment. This charge must be on a separate cheque payable to Millennium Kidz N Kare Ltd and the amount is per family not per child. 

Full time spots always take priority over part time or drop in spots.

If the payment of your account is more than ten (10) days late, you will be required to remove your child/children from the program.


Fees for your child’s care are due on the first day of each month. We accept:
• Please do understand that we need to know if you are having financial difficulties, and can try to work something out.
• If paying by cheque please postdate the checks for the school year.
• Payable to: Millennium Kidz N Kare Ltd.
• We have a stamp with our business name available to stamp your cheques if you prefer.
• Cheques returned N.S.F. will be charged a $50.00 service fee.
• If you bank with Canada Trust – you can add us as a payee. Please ask Wendy or Russ for information.
• E-transfers sent to:
• Cash.

Drop In Cards

Parents and/or guardians may purchase a Drop In Card for their child’s care. The Drop In Cards include 5 days of care, with one additional free day of care, only applicable to care needed during Monday through Thursday. Drop In Cards cannot be used for half-day Fridays and/or PD Days. Any remaining portion of Drop In Cards will not be refunded, however they may be carried over for use in the following school year. Drop In Cards or payment (cheque, e-transfer, or cash) must be presented upon drop off/pick up of your child.

Registration and Termination of Care

When registering your child for care, take into consideration you are committing to a spot for a full school year of care.  If you require partial registration, please communicate this to program directors upon registration. Families that require full year care will be given preference. When the program reaches maximum capacity for full time care, a waiting list is implemented at a first come basis. A minimum of thirty (30) days written notice is required to terminate your child’s attendance in the program. During this time you are still required to cover the costs for the termination period. Upon this notice, your child will no longer be registered in the program and their placement will be offered to those on our waiting list.

Subsidy Information

Subsidy payments may be available to families that require financial assistance for child care.

For Subsidy information, please visit and apply for subsidy online through:

Please be aware that there are minimum amount of hours to receive maximum subsidy amount. Subsidy is based on submitted hours of care and family income, and subsidy rates may be adjusted based on hours used  Subsidy payments through the government are received a month behind and deducted from your account. Any remaining balance will be billed directly to you. Violation of government subsidy requirements and regulations will result in immediate termination of services. Any inquiries regarding subsidy information must be directed to the subsidy office.

 Late Pick Ups

Millennium Kidz has a regular daily closing time of 5:45 P.M., and 5:00 P.M. on PD Days. The following late procedures will take place past these times:

• If your child is not picked up by 6:00 P.M., and the parents and/or guardians have not contacted the program by this time, we will attempt to reach the parents and/or guardians;
• If they cannot be contacted, we will attempt to contact your child’s approved alternate pick up and/or emergency contact. We will make every attempt to contact anyone on your child’s registration form;
• Social Services MUST be contacted if no communication is received following these procedures.
• A late fee of $25.00 will apply for each late pick up.
We understand and realize that there are various reasons why you may be late picking up your child; however communication is extremely important in these situations. If commutation is maintained for a reason for being late, and not an often occurrence, late fees might be waived at the discretion of the director.